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Peculiar nature of energy

Energy security cannot be looked at as an isolated problem to solve. Every instance of energy use creates substantial side effects apart from the well known CO2 emission and therefore potential cilemate change. Every instance of energy use – also uses material resources, which are scarce and getting further scarce, and it can also create waste which ecosystems cannot recycle. This means even assuming we indded solve the problem of energy availability, which itself is rather hard, unless we choose to get de-addicted from our comsumption behaviour, we will contunue to create material scarcity and create ample waste which cannot be recycled – as our ecosystems have aready hitting their limit. It is therefore important to look at our ecosystems health as a fundalmental requirement to any “progress” we make. As long as we are able to replenish the ever degrading natural capital, we will have a huge challenge at hand inspite of energy availability sooner than later.

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