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Why are cities overflowing with waste – Part 1: Material balance of a city, The organic waste

May 16, 2021

© Ajay Phatak, Think2Transform, Pune India Remember: Mass cannot be created nor be destroyed– Law of conservation of mass. One of the most challenging problem that every city faces today is that of Solid Waste Management.  May that be organic wet waste, plastic and packaging dry waste or eWaste.  The quantity of solid waste continues […]

Entropy and your choice of energy: A distilled principle of choosing the type of energy for a given application

April 6, 2021

© Ajay Phatak, Think2Transform, Pune, India Today’s society uses around 600,000 times the energy in absolute terms compared to late Palaeolithic foragers (IEA, 2019a).  At worst this number is alarming to the hilt and at best suggests that we must look at how we can choose the right form of energy for a given application […]

October 5, 2012

Growth, development and progress Traditionally and even today in almost all economies – progress is measured in terms of GDP growth.  Interestingly, growth has been used as a synonym for development as well.  In effect we have collectively come to believe that growth is the only way to make progress. Conventional economics still continues to […]

Energy use and its economic and social impact

February 27, 2012

Energy is a very peculiar thing!  It has significant side effects on everything else on the natural resources front.  A few examples here will help understand this point of view.  Easy availability of electricity, leads to increased use of pumps (in the manufacturing of pumps one would need energy and materials – using more natural […]

Energy use and its economic and social impact

February 27, 2012

We have been so used to using energy (especially in the cities) that we are not even in a position to understand what its proper use is and what is its wasteful use!  As energy started becoming easily available – specially after the discovery of coal and then other fossil fuels – as a society […]

Peculiar nature of energy

January 29, 2012

Energy security cannot be looked at as an isolated problem to solve. Every instance of energy use creates substantial side effects apart from the well known CO2 emission and therefore potential cilemate change. Every instance of energy use – also uses material resources, which are scarce and getting further scarce, and it can also create […]

Economics of Progress and peace

April 7, 2010

Economics of sustainability: In this world of ever growing consumption, there is a strong need to look at economics from a sustainability perspective. Will the current economic model help you achieve the well being of everyone on the planet? Does our current economic model understand and appreciate the dependencies on nature? Does our economic model […]