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Energy use and its economic and social impact

We have been so used to using energy (especially in the cities) that we are not even in a position to understand what its proper use is and what is its wasteful use!  As energy started becoming easily available – specially after the discovery of coal and then other fossil fuels – as a society we started becoming less and less aware about what could be the impacts of more and more energy use on the environment and then economy and society.

Interestingly for all of last several decades and even today, we are always trying to forecast – how will we meet the increased energy requirement of the future, without bothering about what impact can present level of use, leave alone increased use, is already creating on the environment and therefore our own lives.  All “development” as we conceive today has been associated with increase in energy use, may that be for lighting, industry or transportation.  In fact such is a correlation with increased energy use per capita by various nations that it is looked upon almost as an index of development!  Interestingly, the end objective of energy use is often forgotten and very large part of energy is just wasted.

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